Meet the 2016 Art & Soup Artists!

All participating artists graciously donate 30% of their sales to support the CNS Charitable Care Program.  Attendees of the Opening Night Premiere will mingle with artists in an intimate setting and have the first chance to see new artwork. 

Artists will be at work during the two-day Art & Soup Celebration.  This is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite artist.  Each purchase supports the CNS Charitable Care Program. 

2016 Featured Artist:  Cristall Harper
Artwork:  "Parasols"

Cristall is inspried by light and color.  As a child she loved to look at a floral stained glass piece in her dad's office. One critic stated, "Cristall's work is wonderful; she has a personal version of acstraction that is beautifully rooted in reality." 

Cristall graduated in 2002 from Brighan Young University with a BFA in Painting.  Her studio is in American Fork, Utah where she lives with her husband, Matthew, and her yellow lab, Buttercup.  


2016 Art & Soup Artist Lineup

Todd Anderson
Erin Berrett
Martin Blundell
Doug Braithwaite
Lindey Carter
Fred Conlon
Matt Conlon
Karina Cutler
Darrell Driver
Leslie Duke
Howie Garber
Kristi Grussendorg
Cristall Harper
Glen Hawkins
Lucia Heffernan
Jeff Hepworth
Melissa Hughston
Randy Laub
Lester Lee
Rebecca Livermore
Jamie Love
Robert McFarland
Greg Newbold
Chris Pellegrino
Ondre Pettingill
Don Prys
Candace Rideout
Darla Roberts
Lori Scharf
Stephanie Saint Thomas
Alexander Selytin
Araceli Selytin
Steve Sheffield
Julie Stutznegger
Tyler Swain
Darrell Thomas
Paul Twitchell
Katie Waltman
Julie Ward
Justin Wheatley
Jeremy Winborg
Larry Winborg
Scott Yelonek


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