Onsite Clinics for Back-To-School Immunizations


Onsite school immunization clinics are typically scheduled in conjunction with seventh grade orientation or registration. All CDC school-required and -recommended immunizations are available

Schedule your school’s immunization clinic today!

  1. Please download/save this blank form. (You must save the form to your computer before you fill in any of your information)

  2. Once you have complete the form click “File” then “Save As” & save this form with your school’s name.

  3. Email your completed form to Yvette.Tani@CNS-cares.org or print & fax to (801) 207-8776.

  4. If you are unable to fill out the electronic form you can call us to schedule your school’s clinic at (801) 207-8777 

*You will be sent a confirmation within 48 hours once your form has been is received.