The CNS Life Balance Senior Program is comprised of a multidisciplinary behavioral health team that provides comprehensive, short-term, intermittent home-health services for home bound senior adults. Services include psychiatric nursing, physical/occupational/speech therapists, social work and home health aides.

Our program seeks to improve quality of life for our patients through education about their illness and strategies for success. 

Admission Criteria
 • Psychiatric diagnosis of depression or anxiety
 • Home bound - physically or psychiatrically
 • Require skill of psychiatric nurse
 • Under the care of a physician

Exclusion Criteria
 • Active drug or alcohol abuse
 • Chronically mentally ill
 • Danger to self or others


Our approach at the Life Balance Senior Program is holistic. We utilize standardized assessment tools and a collaborative approach between patients and providers to ensure optimal outcomes.


Who Benefits from this program?
 • Seniors experiencing depression or anxiety
 • Patients who have difficulty with medication adherence
 • Patients who frequently use the emergency room & hospital
 • Seniors needing behavioral management
 • Seniors with difficulty leaving their home

Services Provided
 • Comprehensive behavioral & physical assessment
 • Senior focused behavioral health care
 • Individualized care plan development
 • Psychoeducation & self-management tools
 • Medication management & education
 • Disease process education
 • Caregiver education
 • Full home health services
 • Blood level monitoring of psychotropic medications
 • Evidenced based screening tool usage

Program Goals Include
 • Increase medication & treatment adherence strategies
 • Increase quality of life
 • Prevent relapse
 • Reduce hospitalization & emergency usage
 • Decrease symptoms
 • Improve functional ability
 • Improve coping strategies
 • Connect patients & caregivers with community resources

          Helping to find the balance of life and mind

Helping to find the balance of life and mind

Phone: (801) 233-6332